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            1. PRODUCT CENTER
              Email Basic Service

              Exclusive version

              Software version

              Exclusive version

              Professional version

              Exclusive version Data independence / Trusteeship deployment / Pay by year
              Free upgrade / 7×24 service
              specials MORE

              Software version Self-built mail system / Data independence /
              Seamless docking office coordination system / Effective communication
              specials MORE

              Exclusive version Standard mailbox capability / Personalized customization / Professional trusteeship
              Rapid on line / Pay by year
              specials MORE

              Professional version Standard mailbox capability / Professional trusteeship
              Rapid on line / Pay by year
              specials MORE

              Mail Peripheral Products

              Archiving system

              Delivery System

              Email Address Internationalization

              Archiving system Email confidentiality / Orderly archiving
              Mail confidential security traceability / Evidence of proof is available

              Delivery System Distributed cloud storage / Multi-machine deployment
              One-stop million-level massive delivery channels

              Email Address Internationalization Full Chinese account domain name / Easy-to-use
              First choice for enhancing the external image of Chinese enterprises

              Cloud Services

              CAC Security Center

              Overseas cloud image

              Big Data Cloud Anti-Virus

              Overseas email

              CAC Security Center Hot MORE

              Overseas cloud image Based on China / Globally oriented
              Overseas Cloud Server / Speed up more than 6 times

              Big Data Cloud Anti-Virus Network-wide characteristic collection / Multiple engines / Distributed configuration
              System efficiency and virus prevention effect double guarantee

              Overseas email Based in China / Globally oriented
              Global multipoint deployment / High-efficient arrival of emails

              Secure Coremail Client

              Secure Coremail Client

              Secure Coremail Client Login security / Data Security
              Account security/ Transmission security

              CUSTOMER CASE
              IT Internet industryGovernment unitEducational institutionsFinancial industryState EnterpriseEnterprise
              SERVICE CENTER
              Security Center More
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